SEBI, AMFI ought to explain these policy issues regarding FTMF

By Lalit Jain, October 15 2020 01:30 PM

I have gone through the previous topic on this forum and even I am equally agitated by the goings on at FTMF. It will now be six months on October 24, 2020 that FTMF abruptly effected the closure of six debt schemes, and we have no sign as to whether we will get our money back or not. Hence, I think, it would be only appropriate that the following policy issues are explained by the regulatory body and also by AMFI as a Self Regulatory Body.

  1.  What is being done to segregate and delink investigation and regulatory actions from commercial recovery and payment in Franklin Templeton? This is important in financial sector where there is a schedule of all settlements with clockwork precision and we must move dispute settlement too through an equally fast mechanism without compromising on wrongdoing which will emerge from investigation and regulatory actions.
  2. Unit holders need their full money back as on April 23, 2020 and this target should be kept as a primary task in scheme of dispute resolution.
  3. Any fear of default by large entity like FTMF should be managed through ring fencing of existing schemes of FT Mutual Fund and under a SEBI appointed administrator. Risk of collateral damage to others schemes cannot be allowed and therefore existing schemes cannot be allowed to be managed by same FTMF management which caused the debacle of unauthorised winding up of six debt schemes until investigation is concluded.
  4. Special audit of existing FTMF schemes should also be conducted to enable any corrective and early actions.
  5. A special advisory committee should be constituted to re-look at the SEBI Mutual Fund guidelines in view of the lapses noticed in FT Mutual Fund guidelines and also map the Indian MF regulations with that operating globally to see how best Indian regulation is in parity with global Mutual Fund regulation and for investor protection best practices.
By Samuel, October 29 2020 08:17 PM
For FTI USBF mf we want the LATEST NAV balance and NOT the April 23rd one Sirs.....! Please correct that each fund is a different story here really, and cannot be treated as a basket case.. Check each fund separately- Income funds are still paying off loans and are in negative balance and so, how will FT-SEBI open up such funds for redemptions? USBF is the only fund with good cash positive and can be safely opened but again same situation will happen after the first few unitholders redeem 2 lacs for 30 days! I feel simply Declare all funds as 'DISTRESSED' now and just close them permanently return cash positives in balance so far back to investors and sell assets for fair values and refund investors over the years..

By Pratik Thakkar, October 28 2020 09:17 PM
I will repeat your points: we need full money back as on April 23, 2020 & order audit of all FTMF schemes n see if there is any human malware there too. Can’t trust franklin anymore.

By Sam, October 25 2020 10:01 PM
CFMA Sirs, PLEASE CONCENTRATE ONLY ONLY GETTING RELEASE OF CASH POSITIVE FROM 4 FUNDS BACK TO INVESTORS IN SC APPEAL SIRS... KHC has not addressed this at all properly! PLEASE I beg you PLEASE DO NOT push for re-opening of the closed schemes as it will 100% bankrupt FT AMC and they will run away and leave us investors like Myself for example, totally bankrupted also!!

By Sunil Goswami, October 16 2020 04:20 PM
Of course, AMFI owes all Unit Holders an explanation. Besides these serious policy matters that you have raised, AMFI must tell the public why it rushed to protect FTMF by opposing the FIR by EOW Chennai! Is it just a regulatory issue? Why does AMFI not want EOW to dig out more in this huge scam? Let the EOW investigate and the courts decide, what's wrong?